How to Sign up for Hulu Without a Credit Card

There are two different ways to pay for Hulu: 

1. Hulu gift cards

Here's a step-by-step guide detailing how you fund your account using Hulu gift cards. Here's a step by step guide to sign up for and pay for Hulu without a US-issued credit card:

  1. Visit hulu-gift-card and select the $25 option, or and select their Hulu Plus gift card. Finish the purchase and wait for an email. It might take a couple of hours (maybe 1 day) for them to confirm your first order.
  2. Once you have received a gift card from them, go to and enter the code you received from MyGiftCardSupply or BuyFromPowerSeller.
  3. When you enter the code and hit Redeem, you create a Hulu account without linking a credit card to that account.
  4. Login to Hulu on all devices linked to playmoTV and start enjoying Hulu :)

2. Pay via US iTunes

Alternatively, you can sign up for Hulu with an iOS device or Apple TV if you have a US iTunes account, and that account is funded with US iTunes gift cards.

Note: Hulu's No commercial plan costs more if you pay through iTunes than with Hulu gift cards ($13.99 via iTunes, but $11.99 on The Limited commercials plan costs $7.99 on both places.