How to link your Nintendo Wii to playmoTV

Here is how you link your Wii to playmoTV

  1. Open Wii Options
  2. Then go to Wii Settings
  3. Scroll right and open "Internet"
  4. Click "Connection Settings"
  5. Click your current connection. It will be marked with red corners
  6. Click "Change settings"
  7. Scroll right until you find "Auto-Obtain DNS" screen
  8. Select "No" and open "Advanced Settings"
  9. Enter our DNS in the fields
    1. Primary DNS > (or switch them if that works better)
    2. Secondary DNS
  10. Click "Confirm"
  11. Click "Save"
  12. Click "OK"
  13. Wait until test is done and return to main screen.

Now your Wii should be linked to playmoTV :)