Services requiring a cable provider login

We get a lot of service requests here at playmoTV, and although we'd like to add everything to the playmoTV gateway, we have to pick our battles.

Some services, most notable ones in the US, now offer free service if the user can login via their TV provider. Obtaining a TV provider login is virtually impossible, as you need to have a US TV subscription plan to use it, which is not exactly cordcutting.

Therefore, those services are only available to those that have a family member or friend that's a US resident and has a cable subscription.

Here's a small list of services that has these cable provider requirements:

  • HBO Go (supported by playmoTV)
  • NBC Sports (supported by playmoTV)
  • Showtime Anytime (supported by playmoTV)
  • Simpsons World (supported by playmoTV)
  • FX Now (supported by playmoTV)
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Xfinity
  • Stars Play
  • WatchESPN (supported by playmoTV)
  • Watch Disney
  • Watch Disney Junior
  • Watch Disney XD.
  • FOX Sports Go.
  • USA NOW (supportd by playmoTV)