Block Google DNS on Netgear Routers

Step 1: Start by adding the playmoTV DNS to your router via our router setup guide, but don't leave the router setup page.

Step 2: Click on Advanced tab and copy (or remember) the IP address of the router. Then focus on the left sidebar, click Advanced Setup and Static Routes.

Step 3: Now, for the real deal:

Step 3.1: Tap the +Add button. Enter a Route name (you have to do three routes so name them something like "blockgoogle1", "blockgoogle2" and so forth.

Step 3.2: For the Destination IP enter

Step 3.3. For the Subnet Mask enter

Step 3.4. For the Gateway enter the IP address from step 2.

Step 3.5. In the metric field enter 2.

Step 3.6.  Press Apply / Save Settings.

Step 4: Save Settings, and ensure that everything has been entered by clicking Show Routing Table.

Step 5. After you have done this find your router's IP address (probably in the main settings page and write it down or remember it.