Block Google DNS on Linksys Routers

Step 1: Access the web-based setup page of your router (probably by going to, or or Default username is empty and the default password is admin. If that won't work, try admin as both the username and password. Step 2: Start by applying the playmoTV DNS on your router. In the Basic Setup sub-tab scroll down to Network Address Server Settings (DHCP), and enable the DHCP Server. Then apply the playmoTV DNS for your connection. You can find a list of our DNS servers by going to your user dashboard. Hit Save Settings and continue.

Step 3: On the Setup page, click Advanced Routing sub-tab

Step 4: Now, for the real deal: Step 5.1. Under  Static Routing enter Route Name (you have to do three routes so name them something like "blockgoogle1" and then "blockgoogle2" and so forth. Step 5.2. For the Destination IP enter Step 5.3. For the Subnet Mask enter Step 5.4. For the Gateway enter the router's IP address (the address you use to access the router web utility).

Step 5.6 Press Apply / Save Settings. Now repeat steps 5.1-5.6 for the Google's secondary DNS server:

Step 6: Save Settings, and ensure that everything has been entered by clicking Show Routing Table.

Step 7: Restart your router, and then you're good to go.