Service asks for a US billing zip code. What do I write?

If you have tried signing up for some of the streaming services we support, it probably has come to your attention that some services require a US billing zip code (and sometimes also a US address) when you add your credit card.

For most people, adding their local zip code will result in an error message, as all zip codes in the United States have five digits, whereas other countries may have fewer digits or both letters and digits.

In order to make the service you wish to sign up for accept your card, you can try writing your local zip code, and add some digits at either end of it, so it's considered to be a valid US zip code.


1. If you live in Vancouver, Canada your zip code could be BC V5M 2G7. Naturally this zip code will not be accepted as only five digit zip codes are accepted by Sling, DirecTV NOW, YouTube TV etc.

If you omit all the characters from this zip code you are left with 527. If you visit and enter "US zip code 527" the autocomplete should give you a couple of valid zip codes that start with 527.

Now, enter a zip code like 52779, 52701 or something akin to that, and you card should be accepted.

TL;DR: BC V5M 2G7 becomes 52779 or any valid five digit zip code that starts with 527.