Can I use playmoTV from multiple locations?

You sure can!

playmoTV works from multiple locations at once, but you are still limited by the number of IP addresses you can have in our system at the same time. Currently, we limit this to 5 simultaneous IP addresses. The way our authorization system works is it links your account and IP address and knows if you have an active account.

If you connect to any of the services we support from a new IP address you need to update your IP address for our authorization system. You can do that by visiting our site and click the green "Update" button at the top of our site, from the same Wi-Fi you use to stream your favorite service.

Getting a new IP address might happen if you reset your router or if your internet provider issues you a new IP address (which can happen on occasion or frequently). Clicking the update button pings our system and lets us know your current IP address and validates it with your account. If you use the playmoTV Linker for Mac or Windows and keep it running, then it will update our system with your new IP address, if it changes.

It's worth noting that if you are connecting to a hotel Wi-Fi or some other Wi-Fi that restrict your access in some way, that our service might not work. That's because those networks are designed to restrict people from using custom DNS servers.

How many devices can I use?

We have no limits on the amount of devices you use, just how many IP addresses are allowed in our system at the same time.