Why did the service stop working?

If you have successfully used the playmoTV DNS gateway recently but a service stopped working all of the sudden, there are a two reasons that usually explain why:

1. Your account is no longer active.

If you are out of days or no longer have an active subscription, then our authorisation system will block your IP address from using the playmoTV gateway, and therefore no services will be unblocked via our DNS servers.

Check this by going to  playmo.tv and click your name in the upper right corner. There you can see your account status, which should show remaining days, an active subscription or lifetime status.

2. Your IP address changed

If you connect from a new location or if you get a new IP address from your internet provider, then you need to update your IP address for our authorization system. Our DNS system needs to know your IP address to authenticate your account.

How can I update my IP address?

There are a couple of ways to do that:
1. Our website: To update your IP address on our site go to playmo.tv and click the green Update button at the top. It's important that you do this while connected to the same Wi-Fi as your streaming device.
2. playmoTV Linker: If you have a Mac or Windows machine that is on at least once a day then we recommend you install and run the playmoTV Linker for Mac/Windows, as they help you link and unlink to the playmoTV gateway and automatically update your IP address for our authorisation system if it changes.
3. Other advanced methods: Click here to see guides on how to setup a cron job to automatically update your IP address, or get a unique URL so you can update your IP address without logging into your account.

Once you have updated your IP address, it's always a good measure to restart the affected device.

It's something else!

If you made some changes to your network router (like enabled parental controls) or installed some network software (like anti-virus) programs, those changes sometimes disable the usage of custom DNS servers on that device or on your network.

If you figure that everything should work, but it doesn't, start by linking the device you use to browse the web to the playmoTV gateway by following our setup guide for it at  playmo.tv/setup. Once you've done that, check to see if our site displays "Yes - this device is correctly linked" once you have configured it to use our DNS servers.

If you see "Yes - This device is correctly linked" see if any of the free services we support still work, like  Crackle or Tubi TV. If they work, but your favorite streaming service doesn't, then by all means contact us so we can help!