Unsupported internet providers

Although playmoTV does work anywhere in the world, some internet providers utilize either a transparent proxy or DNS hijacking,which makes DNS services like playmoTV unusable. That's often the case if users can't link their computer to the playmoTV gateway.

If you are 100% certain that you have setup everything correctly and still can't link to the playmoTV gateway, we recommend that you contact your ISP and ask whether they can make some adjustments so you can use custom DNS servers on your connection.

We have received reports that these internet providers utilize a transparent proxy or perform DNS hijacking:

  1. Canada: Xplornet Satellite.
  2. Honduras: Cable Color
  3. India: BSNL and TATA
  4. Italy: Vodafone
  5. Lebanon: Virtual-ISP
  6. Nepal: Subisu
  7. New Zealand: Telecom, Vodafone. (Vodafone works if you have a static IP)
  8. Singapore: M1, Singtel and StarHub.
  9. South Africa: Telkom
  10. Spain: Vodafone and skyDSL
  11. Qatar: Vodafone. 
  12. Thailand: True Internet
  13. United Arab Emirates: Du and Etisalat.
  14. UK: Virgin Media (You have to turn off Advanced Error Search (see this link) and express your wish to opt out of the service.