What’s the difference between a VPN and playmoTV DNS?

There are number of differences. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) was designed to allow a remote worker to be virtually on a corporate network (inside the firewall). For years this was the only way to circumvent geographical restrictions. There are some advantages to a DNS based solution:

  1. Requests for content are only rerouted through playmoTV. The subsequent media stream is delivered directly from the content provider to the user which guarantees maximum quality.
  2. VPN services encrypt the data stream making them a bottleneck when delivering data rich media streams.
  3. No additional software is needed for a DNS based solution enabling devices like Apple TV, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 to stream media.
  4. Streaming from content providers in different continents can be done without changing any settings.
The main disadvantage with a DNS based solution is that it needs to be adapted to every content provider. We are continuously adding support and we report success on our  blog.