How to update your IP address with a cron job on DD-WRT routers

If you have a dynamic IP, then you possibly need to update your IP address quite often for our authorization system. You can update your IP address regularly from a Terminal (Mac) / Command Prompt (Windows) via a cronjob. Here are some examples on you how do it. You might need to install wget in order to make this happen.

Here are some examples that show you how to do it:

*/60 * * * * root wget -qO -

Every 3 hours
* /3 * * * root wget -qO -

Every 12 hours
* /12 * * * root wget -qO -

You can get your account code here:

Owners of DD-WRT routers can setup a cronjob, so the router updates your IP address periodically via the guide above.

Furthermore, if you install and run the playmoTV Linker for Mac or Windows, then it updates your IP address periodically, as long as you keep it running.