Using the Account Code and IP update URL

We use your IP address to authorise your account. Therefore, if you get a new IP address for some reason, you might run into a brief service disruption. To resolve those issues you can visit our site and click the green Update button, to update your IP address. However, there are also ways to update your IP address automatically.

We have a special URL for all users, that they can use to update their IP address. If you visit that URL, our system will take your current IP address and link it to your account.

That URL is

You can get your account code here:

So for example, if your account code is abc1234, then visiting will update your IP address.

How to automate the IP update process

  1. playmoTV Linker: We recommend using the playmoTV Linker if you have a Mac or Windows machine that runs daily. The playmoTV Linker helps you configure the DNS servers on your machine and updates your IP address automatically for our system if it changes.
  2. Update the IP address automatically it with a cron job on DD-WRT routers
  3. Update the IP address hourly with a cron job on Mac OS X